A Word From The Designer

It is scientifically proven, that your surroundings effect how you feel everyday. Everyone’s home should be a place that makes them feel amazing at the start and at the end of every day. I would love to make everyone’s home their oasis. I like to use the example that when you go on an exotic vacation, and stay in the gorgeous hotels, you have a since of admiration for the space and how it makes you feel to be there. But what most people don’t realize is you can have a slice of that for yourself in your own home.  By adding the right furnishings that are placed correctly, and setting the tone with the finishing touches, you can transform a house into a place you always dreamed of living.

Interior Design is in my blood, and I’ve known since my years in elementary school that this is what I was meant to do. I love what I do with all of my heart, and I want the experience to be just as exciting for you!   It’s a fun thing to decorate your home, you should have fun doing it. I work so closely with my clients, that I’m proud to say a friendship is formed. It is something very personal for someone to trust you with something as valuable and meaningful as their home. I take that trust very seriously because it is a big step for some people to ask for help.

What makes me unique as a Designer, is that I am extremely budget conscious.  My clients all have budgets and just want a space that feels like home to them and not a high priced museum. I really want to find you great deals so that we can stretch your budget as far as we can, and make your space look perfectly pulled together.

It’s my job to handle all the details, follow ups, and pull it all together for you, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it. It’s also my job to be aware of new products and trends, and with endless resources at my fingertips, I can help you with anything you need.