About The Owner

Stacy loves to work with every decorating style, and one of her great talents is the ability to adapt to these different styles.  Stacy is a Designer that works to compliment you, so all of her client homes are by her clients wants and likes. There is not one way she styles, because it is your home and not everyone wants to live the same. It is her goal to take what you have imagined and make it larger than you had dreamed.

While having a natural talent for design, Stacy also holds a degree in Interior Design. It was while obtaining this degree that she was a judge for the “Remodels of the Year Contest,” judging codes and principles as well as overall design. She was pictured in KCHG (Kansas City Home and Garden Magazine), in a feature written on the event.

She entered this field as an In-house Designer for Cameron’s home décor and furnishings, where she had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people in their homes. She also helped design in the store, where she created floor and window displays. During this time, Stacy also had the opportunity to be part of The Holiday Homes Tour, where she helped in the design of a model home for the Holidays. Stacy then continued her professional career, as a Designer for Delaware Interiors Design Firm in Kansas City. With the demand and support of her clients, the opportunity arose for her to start her own Design business, which then became Stacy Dumas Designs.

Because of her talent in Design, Longview Community College approached Stacy, and asked her to teach a new non credit class that they would like to form.  Almost 10 years later, there are now several other design courses that Stacy has formed that she teaches from different semesters.

In 2013, Stacy was interviewed for Lake Lifestyle Magazine about her design work on her clients Ozark home, that was featured as a spread in the magazine.  Stacy and Rainey Construction collaborated on gutting, reconfiguring, and restyling the interior from the floor up.  You can view this project from the before to the after, by clicking on Lake Lifestyle Magazine under her gallery.